Open to all high school seniors residing and studying in the District of Columbia, our awards celebrate diversity in leadership. Whether you attend a public, private, charter, or nontraditional school, your unique leadership journey is what matters most to us. We honor students who not only excel academically but also demonstrate a profound commitment to their communities.

In recognizing that leadership and excellence are not confined to traditional academic routes, we strongly encourage applicants who identify with any of the following:
Nontraditional Backgrounds
We welcome applicants who may have taken a unique path in their education journey, including those who have overcome challenges or have encountered unconventional academic experiences.

First-Generation College Students
If you are the first in your family to pursue higher education, we are especially eager to support your leadership and academic endeavors.

Vocational Schooling and Advanced Certifications/Training
Whether your post-high school plans involve vocational schooling, technical training, or pursuing advanced certifications, our scholarship aims to support your career path.

Any Educational Pathway
Our mission is to support student leaders regardless of the path they choose. Whether it’s a two-year college, a four-year university, a trade school, or any other form of post-secondary education, we are here to support the next steps in your educational journey.
Questions about eligibility? Please reach out to info@dcstudentleaders.org