The DC Student Leader Awards, hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Washington, D.C., is a prestigious program that celebrates the exceptional achievements and leadership of high school students in the District of Columbia. For 27 years, this program has recognized young leaders who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the DC community, their homes, and their schools.

Students from diverse educational backgrounds, including those pursuing vocational and advanced training and certifications, are encouraged to apply. The program includes an online application with an emphasis on leadership essays and letters of recommendation.

Each year, the awards culminate in a special ceremony at the historic Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, featuring keynote speeches from notable figures, live local entertainment, and a showcase of the awardees' accomplishments.

The DC Student Leader Awards Program not only honors student academic achievement, but also encourages the continued growth and development of young leaders in Washington, D.C., supporting them in whichever educational pathway they choose.